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Asking for a relative as she’s in a pickle and wanted some advice. I said I’d run it by the Sheer Luxe community :slight_smile:

Has anyone got any career/job suggestions for someone who’s very good with people, and essentially someone who is mrs “hostess of the mostess”. She has experience of working in events management and fashion PR, but hasn’t quite found her niche. She’s really well presented and tactful. She likes working under pressure, especially when working at an event, and likes to be amongst “the arts”. I just wondered if anyone had any interesting job suggestions for her to dip her toe in? It doesn’t have to be in fashion, although I do consider her to be creative.


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Perhaps a concierge / lifestyle manager? There are lots in the above sectors and if she likes working under pressure this could suit her well with the type of clientele they look after! x


Hey! I’ve been there before. I previously worked in PR and as someone who thrives around people, events, activations, I really enjoy that career route but was looking for something more creative.

I now work as an Account Executive for a branding agency! I’d highly suggest she explore this route. Each day is very different; we serve a wide range of clients (tourism, hospitality, food and bev, fashion) as well. It’s fast paced and we get the opportunity to not only design visual identities and build brands, but also design and develop client campaigns. This role sits between the client and the art team, meaning you can tap into both the business and artist side without having to sit soundly in one avenue.

Additionally, a Brand Marketing Manager is something to research as well. She’d have control over the marketing calendar, ideate event activations, tap into her PR skills through connecting with editors, develop social content - all for one specific brand.

Hope this helps!! Best of luck. It’s a fun adventure! Tell her to just trust her gut :slight_smile:



Perhaps something within the Wedding industry, whether it’s planning or coordinating it defo combined meeting new people, with fashion and working under pressure.

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I have worked in the Beauty Industry for 20 years, I have done Promotions, and demonstrations, I have talked about Bridal make up and skincare, one of the most important things I can say, and offer advice, would be customer care and service, talking about beauty and what inspires you, (the same would apply to fashion, I remember what stood out was going to a Beauty Evening Party to celebrate a launch of a Parfum in Harrods, be yourself, be kind to yourself, and chat to people, even if your shy it will all come together.

Luxury Brand Management - Given her experience in Fashion PR, she could explore roles in Luxury brand management. This field often requires hosting exclusive events, managing high-profile clients, and maintaining a brand’s elite image.

Art Gallery Director / Curator - Her interest in the arts and strong people skills could be a great fit for working in an art gallery. She could be involved in organising exhibitions, managing artists, and hosting art shows.

Wedding Planning - Her event management skills and attention to detail could make her an excellent wedding planner. This role combine creativity, organisation and the ability to work under pressure.

Corporate Event Planner - Companies often look for skilled professionals to organise conferences, retreats, and promotional events. Her background in PR would be beneficial here.

Cruise Ship Entertainment Director - If she’s open to something different, working on a cruise ship as an entertainment director could be exciting. She’d be responsible for planning and managing all onboard entertainment and activities.

Hospitality Management - With her people skills and experience in hosting, she might thrive in a hospitality role, perhaps managing a high-end hotel or a boutique bed and breakfast.

Cultural Festival Organise - This role would allow her to blend her love of the arts with her event management skills, working on festivals that celebrate music, film, food or art.

Personal Concierge for High-End Clients - offering bespoke services to high-net-worth individuals can be both challenging and rewarding, especially for someone with her skill set.

Public Relations for a Museum or Cultural Institution - Combining PR with the arts, she could work on promoting cultural events, exhibitions, and educational programs.

Lastly, how about a Lifestyle and Event Blogger/Influencer - if she’s into social media, she could leverage her experience and aesthetic sense to create content around events, fashion and the arts.

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