Cellulite treatment (above knees)

I’m looking for recommendations for treatment of cellulite mainly just above the knee area. Swimming and going to the gym quite regularly and would say a slim/skinny build. Anyone had any treatments with great results?


Urgh cellulite is one of those things isn’t it, so common but can be annoying! I would say it depends how invasive you’re willing to go - if you’re a wuss like me, I really recommend lymphatic drainage. I actually had it done once with: https://www.flaviamorellato.co.uk/

Obviously the results aren’t permanent, but it does help lessen the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin. Flavia gives the most incredible tips when you’re with her too!

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Also don’t underestimate dry body brushing. Lots of people think it’s nonsense but actually if you’re consistent and do it daily it does tone the skin and smooth its appearance