Charleston Recommendations - solo trip to SC


I’m travelling to South Carolina for a week at the end of June for a friends wedding. Due to bf’s work commitments I’ll now be going solo and am adding on 3 days in Charleston to my trip.

I’d love to know any hotel/restaurant/shopping recommendations that you have if you’ve been before!

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I visited Charleston about 18 years ago and still remember it really vividly – it’s amazing.

I’d try and stay in one of the historical homes, there are some recommendations here: 6 Historic Charleston Homes You Can Actually Sleep In - Explore Charleston Blog

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Amazing, thank you so much Heather!

For home/interiors, Fritz Porter. Also be forewarned that it is VERY touristy these days. If you can stay outside the city center and just go in to walk around the neighborhood around Rainbow Row for some house sightseeing, do that!