Chic, comfy pyjamas

Hi Florence, I’m looking for pyjamas that will feel lux and chic but still be really comfy. I don’t love ones made of stiff cotton and would like one without a collar since that tends to bother me when I’m sleeping. Any ideas? I’ve looked at so many but haven’t found one that’s quite right :confused: Thanks in advance! x

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I have actually been on the hunt for new pyjamas myself! I was looking for soft cotton too.

I went for a pair from The White Company in the end. My style had a collar but these look lovely

I went into a Zara Home store and found the styles to be the softest. Especially this striped trouser set, I didn’t go for it because I was looking for matching top and bottoms but perhaps as the top has no collar this could be an option for you. It came in a nice little matching bag too.

I also think it is worth remembering M&S! They have some really soft styles too and finally, I haven’t tried the NAP Co but have heard great things about the quality of the pieces x

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