Chic & Sturdy Phone Case

Looking for a phone case that’s chic and sturdy! Ideally would love it to come with a chain or cord.
Essential travelling kit these days :smile:

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I love these ones! Such a fun brand with lots of colour options x

Burga has a wide variety of cases and other phone accessories:

Talis chains has some nice phone chains!
We also recently rounded up some of our other favourites here x

Agreed! I have one from Ateljé too and it’s so good, the cord is really sturdy x

They are gorgeous! Does the case feel pretty sturdy? x

Yes the case is too! x

The Dairy has some cute and very sturdy cases. I lose count of how many times a day I drop my phone and its never cracked at all with this case! Some of them are customizable, too!

atelje are great and they do the long straps which are so handy!

The selection on Burga is great - plenty of summery options and they’re rated highly for the glossy finish and protection x

I have also just seen that La Floid now do phone cases with straps, so fun as you can customise the case too!