Child Friendly Hotel Recs Mexico

Please does anyone have recommendations for child friendly hotels in/near Playa Del Carmen?
My sister in law is getting married in Mexico next year and has chosen an adult only hotel. We have two children (both under 3) and I seem to be expected to leave them for 10 days with my parents which isn’t fair on anyone, especially my mum and dad.
So, I need to find a solution before an argument ensues. Thank you for any help x


Ah yes tricky indeed as lots of the hotels in this area are adutl-only / for honeymoons! But Paradisus Playa del Carmen is a nice choice for families!

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Good luck with this – sounds like a tricky situation to navigate!

Hotel Xcarat looks like it could fit the bill:

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Thank you! I’ll have a look at both… wish me luck :crossed_fingers:t2:xx