Children’s bed recommendations

I’m looking for a ‘big girl bed’ for my (nearly) 3 year old daughter. Does anyone have any recommended brands?

I love the Montessori style beds that are low to the floor with rails around as this will be her first bed and I want to minimise any falls!

I have seen lots of beds that are what I’m looking for but I’m wanting to buy from a trusted brand and there is an overwhelming amount of very similar beds on website such as Etsy with no customer reviews… I prefer to buy after reading reviews!

Any recommendations much appreciated!

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How exciting - her first big girl’s bed! I bough tmy children cot beds so I can’t speak from experience as once they grew out of the cot bed, they had got used to having to step out of the bed. But looking around for something low to the ground, these treehouse styles are very cute for this age group

This one is also low to the ground - so maybe you wouldn’t need rails?

For something more classic with rails, John Lewis is always excellent value and good quality too

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