Christening gift for godson and outfit for me

Hey, I’m godmother to my best friend’s new baby - what christening gift should I get?

Also what to wear to the christening? It’s in Madrid in November


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For the outfit, you could look at renting or pre-loved? I love a Rixo dress for a Christening as the fit of their dresses are grown up & flattering but you can have fun with their prints. There will certainly be something suitable for Madrid on November.

How much are you planning to spend on the gift? Do you need it to be small enough to travel with or are you based in Madrid?

I think these boxed sets and cutlery sets make great gifts - the child will soon be eating solids

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Hi! Do you have a budget in mind for either?

My son was given cufflinks from Links with his initials and it’s such a special gift for him to enjoy when he’s older. Baby gifts are lovely but they have no longevity so I’d think long term.

In terms of an outfit - Madrid will probably be getting quite cool by November a dress and jacket would surely be a winner? Something colourful to a celebration?


Thank you! Budget is £50-100 and no need to take it to Madrid as they’re based here x

Dress is sorted but still need to manage the gift, I think around £50-100

I got my goddaughter a silver penny from the year of her birth from the Royal Mint. It came as a baby christening set with presentation box, and she’s 15 and still has it on display. But they don’t seem to have any right now, so some other ideas:

How about the Vera Wang infinity piggy bank

Vera Wang Infinity keepsake box"boxes")&numberOfResults=27

Or £100 in a Junior Stocks and shares acount could grow a fair amount by the time they’re 18+

I love the cuff links idea for a boy from another poster