Christmas activity with work colleagues

Hi all. I’m planning my work Christmas party and I’m looking for activity suggestions before a late lunch/early dinner. It will be on a Thurs in Dec and we have the full day off work. We’re a small group of 8 or 9 (age range mid twenties up to forty). Keen to do something without alcohol to be inclusive (& that will come at lunch) and something where we don’t have to cart something home (ie christmas wreath) as we’re based all over the UK. We’re all pretty active with good sense of humours etc. Any suggestions much appreciated!! London-based please.


We had a really successful Christmas party last year at Flight Club with similar numbers and some not drinking etc. We also had a great team event in the summer at F1 arcade by St Paul’s (I don’t like darts or formula 1 but really enjoyed both, as did the whole team!) I think partly because both of these enforce mingling and moving round, plus are a bit different. Good luck!

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Sixes cricket or an activity is always good.

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Have you done the Crystal Maze experience? If there are eight/nine of you, you’ll be able to play against each other in teams.


Great suggestions, all! Thank you :blush:

I’d highly recommend the Immersive Gamebox after playing Squid Game for an hour last weekend!

I understand they have three locations in London so could be worth a look:

Other than that, Crystal Maze was a lotta fun too and you can’t go wrong with a bit of Junkyard Golf.

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