Christmas Present for Farmer Dad

Help please, my dad has everything and has very few hobbies the farm is his life, he likes pheasant shooting, horse racing and food and watching TV on the sofa at a night with snacks any Christmas pressie ideas under £50?

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My FIL is very similar so I am getting him a ticket to a local wine tasting place. It’s not expensive and something we can do together. I got my dad tickets to one of the non-expensive Goodwoods days but if you have a local track then that might be an idea?

Otherwise a nice cheese box delivery from or has always gone down well.

Hope that helps!

I would have a look at Katto – they have some really cool outdoor tools that are all made in the UK.

Otherwise Borough Kitchen (they also have a new site at Battersea Power Station) has a great selection for foodies and home cooks.

Or, could you get him a TV subscription? Something cultural he’ll like?