Christmas shoe

Hi Florence!
I have a Christmas party that I need a pair of shoes for. I have my dress sorted, it is a red sequin Motel Rocks dress.
They need to be comfy enough to stand around in and also walk in (I’ll be commuting via train to the party) but I don’t fancy a boot. I’m not precious about what colour they are I’m open to anything! Any suggestions would be great.

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Try - a French brand which does lovely shoes which don’t break the bank:

Pretty Ballerinas - a Spanish company which make beautiful flats and low heels. They have a nice selection of dressy flats:

Love the dress. I bought these heels to wear to our SL Christmas party last year and was so impressed with how comfortable they are. I think platforms are the most comfortable option when it comes to heels, they come in a few colours and such a great price.