Christmas Travel Plans

Hi there! I am planning a Christmas trip to Australia and Fiji and would love to know any recommendations as all very new to me!

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I went to Australia to see my family over Christmas last year. We spent some time in Noosa, which was gorgeous! It was super relaxed by the beach. We then flew to Sydney and spent a week exploring the city, Bondi Beach, Manly etc. It was so nice to have a mix of the two! I think Sydney is a must if it is your first time visiting Australia!

Couldn’t agree more! Sydney is the coolest, and definitely make time to visit the Blue Mountains which are beautiful.

If you’re in this part of the world I would so recommend going to New Zealand too, both its islands are stunning, with countless outdoor activities to do, beaches to visit and volcanic features to see, like hot lakes and geysers. Some of my favoruite places there (visited about 7 years ago now) included Rotorua, Napier for wine tastings, Bay of Islands & Queensland.

Fiji wise, the Mamanucas is a must-visit, as is booking a guided boat tour to go island hopping. Just keep in mind the mosquitos there are next-level so bring extra strength insect repellent!