Cleaning make up brushes

I want to get better at cleaning my make up brushes!
What does everyone use/ can anyone recommend the best way to do it?

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I really like silicone cleaners like this one that you can use in the sink:

I also recommend using Johnson’s baby shampoo on a beauty blender / sponge - the best for getting out foundation and stains!

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I put mine in a shoe bag and put them in the washing machine! Works brilliantly x

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i use this from amazon

it comes with a little tub to scrub the brushes in PLUS it has a little hammock / basket to pop the wet brushes in to dry them quickly (waiting for them to dry is always the worst part)

soap wise i recommend this :

ooo yes I always struggle with the drying part, this looks fab,

Thanks everyone x

I love this:

It’s so good and as it’s a spray, you don’t have to wait ages for brushes to dry