Clip on gold earrings

I have a fragile ear from a very old childhood accident and really need to stop wearing proper earrings. I love big statement earrings but can’t find any decent clip-on ones that also arent super spenny. Would love any recommendations

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I love the selection on Cassetto, especially these, this pair and these!


Ah amazing! buying right now!

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Susan Caplan always have a cool selection!
Vintage Clip-On Earrings – Susan Caplan

I recently went to Kempton market and found some real unexpected jewellery gems! The earrings were mainly clip ons and all at such a good price. Definitely worth rooting around some vintage stores too.

OMG! Amazing earrings!

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Aren’t they!

Brilliant thread - as someone who never had their ears pierced, but has really enjoyed the comeback of big, organic gold earrings these recs are much needed!