Collagen supplements

Hiya, can anyone out there recommend collagen supplements. I’m 50 years old and am looking for something that visibly makes a difference. Thanks Cx

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You want to be looking for something with at least 10,000mg of collagen to really make a difference - there are LOTS out there with less than this. My top picks are Rejuvenated Collagen Shots, Vida Glow (a range of different collagen products) and Correxico Collagen. If you are a member of Beauty Pie, their collagen is also fantastic! If you aren’t a fan of powders/drinks, the Ingenious Collagen capsules are also great, xx


I recommend and take Vital Proteins collagen daily as it’s high quality from grass fed cows.


@tor I’ve started taking collagen religiously lately and have found one that is a powder I can add to hot drinks and doesn’t taste & dissolves easily which I like - but I buy it because it’s from fish not meat and am vegetarian / don’t eat meat - does it matter what it’s derived from? They have a vegan sourced collagen too. Wondering if I should buy that instead of the fish one from a vegetarian pov? Thanks!

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This is a very good q! I believe marine (fish)-based collagen is more potent than vegan-sourced collagen but it all depends on what the vegan-sourced collagen actually is… At the end of the day, if you’ve found a collagen you enjoy taking and one that you can easily slot into your routine, consistency will pay off in the long-run! x

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Bare Biology collagen. You can also subscribe to get 15% off and you get loyalty points. Best company I’ve ever ordered from, high quality products ( they only have a small range and do these very well). Great company ethos and superb customer service.

Hi, I use bovine collagen by edible health. 13gr in my coffee every morning, it’s tasteless.
I’ve noticed an improvement in dark under eye circles, hair growth & nail strength. I’m 50 & on a peri menopause mission!

I think you get 15% off with your first order.

Big fan of Dose & Co (the dairy free version)!