Comfy Sandals

Hi, on our holiday later this summer, we will be doing a lot of walking and I could do with recommendations for a pair of comfy sandals to wear on the days I don’t want to wear trainers.
They will need to be flat, rather than wedge, but not the really thin soles on gladiator type sandals as they hurt my feet after a while.
I also have mardy bum feet :crazy_face: so no toe posts either and will need to be real leather or very soft material.
Nothing too “old lady” either.

Has anyone got anything they can recommend?? Or am I looking for the impossible?

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I spotted this pair on Mango recently, they’re real leather so would be soft and they are flat without having really thin soles

Otherwise, I always recommend Boden for summer shoes as I find them SO comfortable, this pair comes in a few colours
When it comes to comfort I also really recommend TKEES, I wore a flat pair all of last summer

I actually think a Birkenstock style is great, I find them really comfy and easy to wear with most outfits!

I recently spotted these from & Other Stories and think they are great. They come in black and brown.

Those both look really good but have toe posts that I cant wear :slightly_frowning_face:
Thank you fir the suggestions though.

These could work…thanks.

Yes! I hadn’t thought of these, thank you, I will have a look.

I’ve JUST ordered these in tan! love them x

think I might do the same! x