Composite Bonding for a chipped tooth

I have a small chip in my front tooth (from 15 years ago). It isn’t very visible but it makes my tooth feel weaker somehow and it definitely feels thinner on the edge. I worry a lot that it will get worse or damage the health of the tooth. I have a consultation on Friday to discuss composite bonding - has anyone else had this done? If so were you happy with the results and do you feel that your teeth are stronger as a result?

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I had it years ago and it lasted forever without any issues so would definitely recommend. The only thing is, as my root was dead, the tooth can naturally darken over time. Mine was chipped badly from an accident so it wasn’t cosmetic! x

100% worth it. Dr Rhona at The Chelsea Dental clinic and her colleague Stuart are brilliant for bonding.

I had this exact problem after drunkenly trying to decant wine from my glass unto a friends using only my teeth!! After having Invisalign I then had bonding on that chipped tooth and some others and its made such a difference in the confidence of my smile now! i was always embarrassed by it before. My teeth feel super strong, i am so happy with it. It is an investment but its worth it in my mind. I went with Luceo Dental x

I had a chipped front tooth and had composite bonding and I would 100% recommend. It looks super natural so you wouldn’t even know I’d had it done! Had it done a few years ago and its still as strong as day 1.

Hi, there is a dental service that offers free impartial advice remotely called Nova Smiles :-

Hope this helps x

I’ve not had it, but also have a chip and absolutely would do bonding, am going to book in soon.

I go locally in Brighton here:

But agree with Laura that Dr Rhona is fab for London-based people. The London Smile Clinic is great too.

We wrote about bonding not long ago, in case useful: