Contemporary luxury cushions

Could I get some recommendations for places that have contemporary cushions in luxury fabrics for a living room sofa? Looking for 50cm square and not having much luck in my search!

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How exciting to be redoing your living room! Do you have a colours or styles or a budget in mind?

Mainly autumnal colours and no particular budget (I only need 3 cushions). Andrew Martin and Oka had some options but am wondering if there is anything else I’m missing?

There are some nice options from Jessica Buckley

Soho Home are good for autumnal colours if you don’t mind something more retro

For something more exciting, Rosanna Bossom has this cool tiger

If you prefer a pretty look, you can’t beat a ruffle

Thanks so much - some great new finds here

Soho Home always has some great options and lots of Autumnal colours… Cushions | Sofa & Scatter Cushions | Soho Home

Sorry to state the obvious but have you had a look at Zara? They have lots in autumnal colours and some 50cm square. For example:

Or these:

This is also pretty although not a 50cm square!