Cooking/Kitchen Masterclass

I’m looking for a cooking experience for a 30th birthday celebration with my partner. He would love to see ‘behind the scenes’ of a top london restaurant so a cooking skills masterclass followed by a fabulous lunch would be his ideal present! Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you x


Sauce by The Langham have lots of classes each week, as does The Sea, The Sea - which is more behind the scenes with a focus on seafood.

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Thanks so much! Will definitely try these! X

There’s a website called Class Bento which might be quite helpful, they have cooking classes for all kinds cuisines

I bought my partner a voucher from here as well so he can choose when/what kind of class he wants to do!

Pasta Making Class in a Michelin Star Restaurant London | ClassBento Here is an example of one

Borough Kitchen has a great selection of classes:

I’ve really wanted to go to Eataly, they always have a variety of classes running.