Copenhagen in winter

Hey everyone,

I’m going to Copenhagen in Feb, would love some recommendations for things to do, places to go or must sees. Being that it’s winter I was wondering if there will still be lots to do!

Thanks x


Hopping on the back of this Ellie… was going to ask the exact same thing! x

I haven’t been to Copenhagen in a while but I’m going in March too! I have Ganni Postmodern and HAY House on my list. I’ve also booked Delphine for dinner one evening as I’ve heard great things! x

Hi Ellie and Jessica

When my daughter went to Copenhagen, she bought The Official Copenhagen City Card and went to LOADS of attractions, so this would seem a good place to start.

Usefully, this page is also showing which attractions are temporarily closed, which will save you from making wasted trips!


The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a short train ride outside of Copenhagen and is a must visit! Beautiful setting and great art - very easy to do for half a day from the city.

Don’t worry, Copenhagen in the winter is the loveliest time to visit, in my opinion!

I went to Copenhagen in November and it was freezing, so bring proper winter layers. A fun thing to do is visit Freetown Christiania, this independent commune living in the middle of the city, very odd and cool and perfect for a winter walk.

There’s a really good Chinese restaurant called Magasasa in this area with a bunch of bars and restaurants in this industrial looking spot in vesterbro.

You can also visit Malmo in sweden which is only a 30 minute train ride away and is a much smaller cute little town

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Agree - the Louisiana museum is a must-visit and only a short train ride, maybe 30 mins and it’s set on a cliff on the coast - it really is amazing!

Tivoli Gardens in winter is beautiful and the eateries around the harbour are inviting too.

Because the centre is small you can easily warm up in a cafe before moving on to the next attraction too!

I also went in last November and it was bitter!! So huge second to the note on layering up

Restaurants that we loved were - Esme, Delphine & Cantina (also heard fab things about Levi and Goldfinch)

Drinks - If you can get into Tata at Hotel Sanders that was really lovely and cosy by the fire, plus Ruby was so much fun

Cafes - Atelier September, Buka, Mad & Kaffe & Sonny were all great too


omg great idea, neeeed to go to ganni!x

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Hey Ellie,

Definitely get around on a bike (rent bikes from the DonkeyBike app - lets you pick up and drop anywhere, can keep for like half an hour or a whole day, or you can do the white city bikes which are like Boris Bikes)

I would make sure you hit Vesterbro (trendy neighborhood with cool food and the meatpacking district which has famous restaurants etc), Norrebro (trendy neighborhood), the main central area and while you’re there go to Tivoli (Disneyland was based on this), Nyhaven (colourful buildings by the water), and Christiania if youre into hippie shit

Condesa Bar if you wanna DANCE
Bakken if you wanna dance as well, most clubby option but still caj
Mother Wine if you want a chill wine / nice vibe
Bottega Barlie if you want an organic wine / v trendy (see below)

Food / Sights / Areas:
Visit Grød in Norrebro for porridge, which is like a Danish staple but comes with so many healthy delish add ons and the coffee is amazing! If you go to the one on Jæggersborggade, on that are road are some great boutiques, including second hand ones

Assistens Cemetery Norrebro - sounds weird but its an amazing cemetery worth a wander through - it’s soo beautiful and chill, people have picnics in there lols. Right now its sooo pretty

Torvehallerne food market is amazing, its in between central and Norrebro - has fresh produce, and multiple street food vendors and bakeries bars eateries etc around there and inside! There is a Stilleben store not far from here, beautiful homewares and lovely prints etc, so great just for a look

A bit of a bike ride past Nyhaven (the colourful buildings by the water) is Christiania, the hippie town. They have no rules in there and sell weed etc. It’s actually kinda fun to get a kebab and a beer and just see it. Theres kids and grandmas in there its not suss. Then not a far bike ride from there, there is Reffen street food - by the water warehousey area with all diff street food stalls there. Nearby Reffen is also Lille bakery which has SUCH GOOD PASTRIES and salads/bread etc, everyone cool goes there too lol

Atelier September Cafe is near nyhavn and has coffee and food and such a cute vibe

Bottega Barlie is so great for a wine and a meal, it has organic wines, amazing Italian and Spanish produce

Babbo Ria is also amazing and similar food and vibe

The botanical gardens if you’re into that. Soo gorgeous to walk through and so photogenic!

Mother in Kodbyen (meatpacking district) for good atmosphere and delicious pizza

All of Vesterbro is great to explore but especially around the Meatpacking District, Kodbyen, as so many high rated food and drink places are around there. Super trendy, best to visit around dinner

Mad & Kaffe in Vesterbro for a Danish breakfast and really good coffee! You select all different things for your own breakfast spread - Gæst is similar if you’re in Nørrebro

Go to Brus brewery in Norrebro for a beer then across the street to Baest for the best pizza and food experience everrrr (legit voted number 3 in europe but be prepared to pay a lil bit!)

Yes I had a great meal at Goldfinch when I went recently!