Cornwall Holiday

I’m going away with family to Bude in Cornwall soon, wondering if anyone has been before that has any recommendations for must do things or places to see! x


This is aimed at winter breaks (which might be useful anyway, with this weather!), but we have a mini area guide to Bude at the bottom of this feature:

Perhaps a surf lesson could be a fun family activity?

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I live in North Devon which is very close to Bude Duckpool seems to be a favorite location in Bude. There is a single lane track which leads to it and this requires a very small donation in the honesty box or it can be reached by the SW Coastal Path. Enjoy! The area is very beautiful

Hey, I went to Bude with my bf last year and we loved it!

We had really nice dinner at a Tapas place here:
We also visited a really nice café that was very trendy and reasonably priced:

In the day time we went on walks and surfed at Summerleaze Beach.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Electric Bakery is a MUST! If I were you I would do takeaway and head to a viewpoint to enjoy the treats there x

Oh wow! Just checked their page out and it looks insane, thanks so much for the recommendation!

Ah amazing! Thanks so much for these recommendations, a surf lesson is definitely on the cards so will look into it here :slight_smile:

The duckpool looks amazing! I’ll be adding that to list, thanks so much !

I’ve had the rocket store top of my list of restaurants to visit next time I’m in cornwall the food is meant to be amazing! x