Cot bed mattress

Hi, can anyone recommend a good cot bed mattress? Thank you :heart:

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Little Green Sheep - fabulous non-toxic mattresses!

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I have both the Little Green Sheep and the Kub Comfy Eco Spring cot bed mattresses. Both are great! The Little Green Sheep has better eco credentials but it’s also £150 more expensive once you add the mattress protector ( you should buy it ). Also, if you’re buying it for a baby the Little Green Sheep is reversible to adapt to the stage between baby and toddler. The Kub comes in a removable washable cover which could be practical when ready for potty training.

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John Lewis has a good selection

I would second little green sheep - ours is still going strong after nearly 3 years! But would definitely recommend buying a couple of the mattress protectors too :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought one from Mamas & Papas and they have a good selection. have also heard good things about Little Green Sheep… and waterproof mattress protectors! x