Country footwear

Hello! Whilst a city girl by nature (and sometimes fashion choices) I live in the country and in need of a good new winter boot.

Ideally waterproof that I can shove on to run the kids to school but also that will be chic enough with jeans for a quick trip into my local town. Does such a thing exist!?

Also any ideas of good flats that aren’t boots or trainers that are country appropriate would be fab too! Thanks in advance x

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Have a look at Ecco:

or Bobbies:

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I agree Bobbies is a great brand to look at, have you also considered Sorel or Inuikii?

This style is an SL favourite

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Aha. Well I live in Lincolnshire, so country boots are staple footwear here. You do not stipulate long or short boots, but here are some good brands:

Also look at the ‘Mountain Horse’ brand.

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I love the Blundestone boots - they have classic black or the olive green is gorgeous. They are worker boots and you can purchase from various farming/outdoor supply companies so very sturdy and weatherproof!

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Such amazing suggestions! Had totally forgotten about Blundestones but that’s a brilliant shout. And thank for such a long list Rachel - No excuses for cold wet toes now!


I also recommend Ecco. Long lasting and they use a process of attaching their outer-soles to the upper by molding making it almost impossible to detach and for it to seep in water even after any type of membrane/tex component wears out.

Panama jack also is a great brand for warm hiking / country style boots.
A little bit heavier than uggs, they are handmade and great quality.

These mini Hunters are great! Women's Commando Chelsea Boots – Hunter Boots UK