Create Academy Courses

Hello! Has anyone done the create academy courses? I really want to up my gardening skills and learn more about growing beautiful flowers in a small garden and have been torn between create academy or doing a Sarah Raven course in person. Would love to hear if anyone has done either!


I have done some of thr Create ones, but not the gardening. I think in-person is the ultimate if you can, because you can obviously enjoy some live Q&A but from what I know of Create, they are so thorough that nearly every question you can think of is addressed in the tutorials, and obviously it’s convenient to do it when suits you!

Thanks Georgina, super helpful! :blush:

Sarah Raven is just incredible – if you can, I’d do that one in person. More hands-on too!

Thanks Heather! That’s what I was going to do as I’m in East Sussex so not too far from where she hosts them, just tossing up between the two :smiling_face:

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