Crepey eyelids

Hi there, does anyone have any advice regarding crepey eyelids? At 71, my facial skin is reasonably good but my crepey eyelids give my age away. Is there any cream or serum that actually makes a difference?

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Hello! Have you tried any eyelid primers? Though temporary they can help smooth the lines on your lids. I recommend trying Urban Decay’s - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original - Boots

Also this is great: Miracle Blur - Lip and Line Filler - Trinny London - it says for lip area but you can use all over and it is fab for smoothing skin

Have also heard good things about this:

Hope this helps a little! x

I have seen a very obvious difference to the skin covering my whole face after starting to use vintners daughter (essence and serum) no longer using eye cream but still spf and cleanser. Makes a good base for all makeup applications thereafter, and saves a lot of time.

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Same problem age 67, I use:- Avocado eye cream shop around for best price.

Hiya. I’m 63 . I’ve found an eye cream that I really do think makes a difference and you might be surprised what it is. First let me say that I’ve tried lots over the years and I think that some work to an extent. I’ve liked Lancome and Verso in particular. But a few years ago I tried Olay Regenesrist Eye Lifting Serum and I thought it was great. Better than more expensive brands. I can put it all over the eye area, lids and all. I would still try otheres but I kept going back to it. I’ve now been using it for years and I honestly think I have some definition back in my eyelids. And the good news is that it’s easily available and always on offer somewhere.

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Hi Lynne

Many thanks for your reply - I’m going to try your suggestion.

Oh good! I wish you success. Give it a couple of months, and just to be clear it’s Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum in the white/cream coloured tube. There a few other types. I’ll try to attach a photo.

There we are.