Crete recommendations Chania/Agios Nikolaos

I’m going to Crete with my boyfriend at the end of August and looking for any recommendations in the Chania and Aigos Nikoloas areas!

Looking for restaurants/bars/clubs/beach clubs/activities - anything really!


Crete is the best you’ll have a lovely time - I went there last year and this piece has some of my recs in!

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I stayed in Agios Nikoloas last year! So lovely. There are a tonne of little restaurants in the town (which annoyingly I cant remember the names of) but its one of those places where you walk around and explore little places (everything tasted insane!)

One place we kept going back to was Minos Beach Art hotel. We were staying nearby but went there for a couple meals (they have 2-3 restaurants) and to use their sunbeds by their private beach. I don’t think you have to be a guest - we werent questioned! They also have a lovely area for drinks with fire pits and comfy sofas which is nice to go to after dinner.


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oooh perfect thank you so much! I was a bit sceptical about Crete so v glad to get some confirmation that it’s nice haha!

I think you’ll have a great time – there are so many nice beaches and national parks to explore!

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