Crossbody bags for uni


Looking to buy my sister a crossbody bag for her birthday before she heads off to uni for the first time. Ideally it is something that will go with a lot of outfits and isn’t too pricey in case she loses it… any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Not crossbody, but I am seeing so many of this crescent shoulder bag style and I would go for this from COS!

I think you should stick with tan or black for versatility. If it’s not too pricey I think this one would be a great investment

Or this Arket one is A BIT more budget friendly


I love this swing crossbody from Cos. Such a cool shape!

The viral Uniqlo bags are great for uni! They’re more day to day but super useful - I have a few colours!! Round Mini Shoulder Bag | UNIQLO UK

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My sister just bought one of these - she’s a big fan!

These are great & would be perfect or uni!

These Zara cross body bucket bags are lovely, plus you can add an embroidered personalisation touch!