Current art exhibits in London

Want to go to some galleries/museum this weekend, has anyone got good recommendations they’ve seen recently and are still on? I always find it quite overwhelming looking online, so would love to hear of any exhibits people have loved recently!

Thanks x


Have you been to frameless yet? Seriously impressive immersive experience

Hi Vanessa

The British Museum has a couple of belters:*delg4g*_up*MQ_gaMTIwNTI2NjY3LjE3MTQ3MzY4NzM._ga_08TLB9R8X1MTcxNDczNjg3Mi4xLjEuMTcxNDczNzA4My4wLjAuMA…

Omg that looks so cool, thnk you!!

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Lovely, thanks so much!

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Recommend you book onto a late / adult only session for this as there tend to be a lot of children running around and getting over-excited… but you may not mind that!

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Quite small so maybe do as an add on to another trip but the Saatchi has a really cool exhibition on of Dutch female artists that has some incredible pieces

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I recently went to the John Sargent exhibit at the Tate Britain which was really nice and only £5 for 16 - 25!

Thanks so much everyone, much appreciated!