Curtain ideas

Hi there, looking for some help. We are in the middle of a house renovation, we have a large room that we have made into a playroom / living space. The sofa we have chosen is a bright fuschia pink velvet, but struggling to know which type of curtains to put along with it? Thank you

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How exciting - and good luck with the renovation. It’s hard to suggest without knowing the period of the house, the window style, where the sofa is in relation to the window, what else is in the room etc, but for a playroom I’d either have shutters or a patterned blind, which you could edge with a nice border or trim to link to the pink?

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Hi Georgina thank you. The window is just a straight window with a natrow window ledge, the sofa is a chaise so the chaise part is near the window. The room is a playroom so the rest of the furniture is toy storage and rattan baskets etc. If you have any recommended websites or brands that would be so helpful!

What about a bespoke fabric from Colours of Arley? You can choose each colour stripe so it will match the rest of the room.

Then I’d just google a local blind maker.

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Great will check them out!