Dachshund Themed Xmas Present for a 96 year old

I am looking for a Christmas present for my great grandma (96) - due to her age she doesn’t really leave the house or does any activities, but I would love to get her something for her home (blanket, cushion or similar) that she can make use of. She loves Dachshunds so much (she used to have one) so would love to gift her something Dachshund themed - it can be kitsch and over the top. I’ve been trying to find something but really struggling, has anyone got any ideas?

Thank youu x

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A hot water bottle could be a nice idea, especially over the winter with energy bills rising!

This is a cute one (OOS but can sign up to email notifications):

This one is more on the OTT side:



This is such a fun question! Etsy have hundreds of Dachshund themed bits: Dachshund - Etsy UK

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That second one is incredible!!

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