Dark undereye circles

Can anyone recommend an undereye cream that actually lightens very dark undereyes.I have tried so many patches & creams,mostly premium beauty ones that promise visible results but found nothing makes the slightest bit of difference.I know that nothing will get rid of them permanently but why do so many undereye products promise results which i’ve never found to be true.
Also,pls recommend a good concealer too that doesn’t cake or settle in fine lines under eyes.I’m 50 with clear but dry skin.

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this is a really helpful article from earlier in the year: https://sheerluxe.com/beauty/skincare/how-to-get-rid-of-dark-circles

Thank you Chloe.Really helpful article.I must have missed this one.

We also have a great chain here too:


LOTS of fab advice there

Thank you! Will try anything at this point as it’s so depressing & really has really affected my self confidence.Thanks for the advice.

Really sorry to hear that - I’d say if you’re not having much luck with topical skincare, might be worth changing tack and embracing some make-up trickery? I have dark circles too, and I find that a corrector can be really effective. Tone-wise, as a general rule of thumb, fair skin is best suited to salmony pinks, olive or brown skin more peachy, and darker skin is best with orange. The Bobbi Brown one is great https://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/product/14018/15905/makeup/face-and-cheek/corrector-and-concealer/corrector#/shade/Light_Bisque and the counter staff are usually very knowledgeable, well-equipped you find the right shade match. The job of a corrector is to neutralise the colour imbalance, so you still need concealer over the top (liquid is probably the best texture for sitting over the top of a cream corrector) but the combination is much more effective than concealer alone. :heart:

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I have recently noticed my dark eye circles are worse when I’m at home. I have 2 dogs who i love completely but I have a slight allergy to them. When I’m away on holiday my eye circles are much better. It maybe worth looking into any allergies and getting rid of them it may help. But the ILia brand does a good concealer and beauty pie also does a good one especially of under eyes both good. Good luck!

Banana Lowlighter from Rodial is really good for brightening and not too heavy

I love this Summer Fridays eye cream - I use it morning and night x