Date night pubs/restaurants in Barnes

Hey! I’m looking for a nice dinner spot for a week night date. My boyfriend wants to walk from Hammersmith to Barnes, we never really venture that way so looking for any romantic/cozy suggestions for dinner :slight_smile: Any suggestions welcome!


The White Hart & The Red Lion are really nice pub in Barnes!
They have an OKA which I know does great sushi as I have been to others, I haven’t been to this particular one so not sure what the vibe of the restaurant is like.

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The Watermans arms! Recently opened and it’s amazing food and great atmosphere. It’s also on the river. It’s owned by the owner of patty and Bun and the Camberwell Arms! X

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I agree, The Watermans Arms is such a lovely date night destination - a great location and such a cosy atmosphere.

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I can vouch for OKA - good sushi!

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The ground floor restaurant/cafe of the Olympic cinema is nice.

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Church Road in Barnes is amazing or Riva is a favourite X

thank you everyone!! We ended up at the Watermans Arms, it was so so lovely! Food was stunning and the vibe was perfect for what I was looking for! Will be sure to put the others on my list for next time :heart:

Ahh thats such great news I’m glad you had a great time.

Love the Waterman Arms too! x

I have this place high on my must-visit list: