Dilemma: Brass or Chrome lever door handles on a white door?

I am not usually indecisive (really) but I cannot decide between brass or chrome door handles for my new white doors.

It is proving exceptionally difficult to obtain a timeless door handle that is not to bright or expensive!

My decor is white walls and ceilings with oak floors. All opinions welcome.

[Windsor White Primed Interior Door - Deanta]
[Cadiz Pinos Lever on Rose I A&H Brass]
[Handle H 1004 Antares - Lab collection | Valli]04)

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I think a blackened brass would be gorgeous. I’ve just replaced all the handles in my house so this has been a hot topic for me as well. I’m thrilled with the result. Corston have a great range

Oh Laura, i was hoping to whittle down options but now you have given me an entirely different finish to research.

On a serious note, I appreciate the steer.

What about the accents elsewhere, have you used brass or chrome? I would follow the same theme, handles you don’t change often, nice to have a cohesive theme?