Dining chairs recommendations

Dining chairs recommendation pls? I have a light coloured wooden dinning table. i want to create an earthy space


I love the wishbone chairs. They’re a classic and work with all types of interiors…


These are lovely.
The website Where Saints Go have a really good selection incuding the wishbone chair.

There are these if you need a smaller chair. …Amalfi Woven Dining Chair Natural Brown | French Connection UK
Next home also have selection of which I think these are a claasic.https://www.next.co.uk/style/st315580/t64548#t64548
Hope you find something you like!

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i have these

they balance out a lighter table really well x

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I’ve also just spotted these on Zara Home which are great

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You can take a look até this portuguese brand website called ANTARTE. They have several cool wood chairs there and the prices are very good.

Take a look at these, beautiful

These are also gorgeous but pricey. You could recreate a lot cheaper though

I would recommend The Dreamcatcher Washakie chair from Oka. It comes in several colours and is really well made. Comes in 3 lovely colours

It would suit many different styles - we bought for our dining room in our Trulli and looks beautiful with our olive wood dining table.

Next have some really nice options, these would be perfect for an earthy feel https://www.next.co.uk/style/su057830/d53960#d53960

Hi there
I love these chairs by Namon Gaston as you can have a variety of shades of oak and seat coverings
[Oxbow Chair — Namon Gaston Handmade Furniture]