Dining Table Inspo

Currently furnishing my open-plan kitchen/dining/lounge area in my apartment and don’t know where to even start on dining tables.

Are mismatched table and chairs the best option? Do you keep the colours cohesive if you have a neutral sofa or add a darker table to give it some depth? Round or rectangular? Is a marble dining table and a marble coffee table a little overkill?

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I’m not an expert on interior design, but what helps me when I can’t visualise these sorts of things is to create a pinterest board with the different ideas and rooms that have a similar vibe to my room/furniture that already is in the room. It’ll be way easier to narrow down once you see the different types of tables/chairs in simialr spaces to yours, you will get a feel of what would actually work.
Hope that helps x

Good luck! The dining table was the hardest thing we had to buy for our flat as it had to fit into a specific bay window, still be large enough to have a few people round, but not swamp the room (which is also the living room).

We ended up going for an invisible perspex table as it makes the room look bigger – and we always throw a tablecloth on to match it with the room – which matches our coffee table, so I don’t think double marble is overkill! If anything, I think it brings the space together.

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Can’t say I am an interiors expert but I have a very neutral home and I am dreaming of an oval darker dining table to contrast with the lighter tones in my open plan kitchen/dining/living room


I think if your dining room is quote small, mismatched chairs can feel quite cluttered and busy. But if you have space and you like that look, it can be nice to have bigger chairs at each head of the table and the rest the same.

Another consideration for an apartment - and to keep open plan looking ‘clean’ - is to have a dining banquette along the back wall and chairs on the otherside, or even look at free-standing benches.

Oval table are lovely, you just need the right space to make them work, and they can often to limited to seating a max of 8.

Thank you for all the help, it definitely didn’t go to waste.

I actually went for a similar dark marble table to tie the rooms together but add contrast that I found at an antiques store.

Will be taking the plunge on the dining chairs this payday, another Soho Home inspired find: Greenwich Olive Green Velvet Dining Chair | daals

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Agreed with Vanessa - the best place to start would be to visualise and find inspo. Perhaps even print some bits out and stick them around the house to see how things mesh together or create a collage on something simple like powerpoint to see different pieces together.

If the rest of your home is quite neutral, perhaps stick with that theme then bring in fun / slightly different decorative elements to give depth later on? For example a nice vase and flowers, candlesticks, a table runner etc.

For missmatched chairs - i lovee the look on a long table, but in a small space i’d personally go simpler if poss! x