Dinner party games / nice touches

I’m hosting a dinner party next weekend and wondered if anyone had suggestions for games to make it extra fun!? Any suggestions for nice touches to make it more personal/unique too?


The Cereal Box game is always funny!

The Cereal Box Game
Aim To pick the box off the floor without using anything but your teeth and without putting your hands, knees, elbows, forehead down

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Pass the pigs is an oldie but a goodie. Easy to play whislt at the table & fun for all ages.

I love to pass the phone around the table and get everyone to add 3 songs, then you hit shuffle and try and guess who has picked which! Always some rogue choices and helps spark convos x


Not a game as such but my family love these conversation menus! https://www.amazon.co.uk/School-Life-Conversation-Menus-Bring/dp/B07R4Q2PTQ/ref=asc_df_B07R4Q2PTQ/

We do this too! Or if you have a little time beforehand put a playlist together and have everyone try to guess the song from the first 5/10 seconds - also works with famous movie/tv quotes

This game tends to come out most nights in too - quick and easy to learn and so much fun in a group:

Higher of Lower always gets the crowd going at our dinner’s…amazing how into it people get…

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Not on the high street do escape room style packs of puzzles based on a theme. Good for dinner parties to get people interacting.

I played this at the weekend at a dinner and it brought up really good conversation! and stories I didn’t know about people :slight_smile:

We love Perudo in our house! x