Dream Wardrobe Inspired by Barbie

I am a teacher and am looking for brands that offer really timeless but unique pieces that don’t scream fast fashion and simultaneously don’t put a large dent in my wallet. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the really feminine Barbie premier/movie looks along with Mrs. Maisels form Marvelous Mrs. Maisel really feminine looks, if that helps!


Mango usually have some beautiful tweed pieces!


I am also a teacher and I love &OtherStories for timeless pieces; knitwear, blouses and trousers especially.

Nobody’s Child have some beautiful dresses in an array of floral prints that I love for work with heels. I also look on Vinted for pieces from both brands and I’ve found some absolute steals so I recommend looking on there.

I have also recently discovered Vita Grace- I haven’t bought anything myself yet but I love their knitwear; especially this cardigan:

Hope it’s helpful!