Drinks dispenser cocktail for 40+ people

Hi All,

We’re having a barbecue in a few weeks and looking for an inexpensive, easy to make cocktail for 40+ guests.
I’m thinking “Who doesn’t love Sangria?”

So does anyone have a good, preferably tried and tested recipe that ideally can be made on a large scale?

We’ll be using these dispensers:


…and these lovely, large reusable wine glasses, champagne flutes and tumblers currently selling in Lidl for £9.99 for a pack of 6


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Have you ever tried white sangria? So nice and fresh for the summer!

I’m also a big fan of a sparkling paloma which can be batch made for large quantities - if you like tequila, of course! I’ve used this recipe before which is really tasty and fresh! Perhaps you could prepare some glasses/cups with a salt rim and wedges of grapefruit?


That Paloma looks great!

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I hadn’t considered a white sangria but as a white wine lover, this is right up my street! :tropical_drink:
I also love tequila and this cocktail sounds way more sophisticated and yummier than shots :yum:
Looking forward to the weekend to give them a try and may even invite the neighbours over to sample them!
Thank you :wink:

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also prosecco, st germain liqueur, soda water and mint is delicious!

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Thanks Georgie, this may be my delicious reward for mowing the grass this weekend :clinking_glasses: