Dry brushing/lymphatic drainage

Please help! Any tips for a beginner wanting to try dry brushing? Or the best places in london for a lymphatic drainage? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I love a good dry body brushing session!

I personally think the brushes you can slide your hand into are best, like this: https://uk.elemis.com/body-detox-skin-brush.html

You get a good grip. I would always do it on dry skin before you shower. Experts often say work in deft, upward motions and be quick - you don’t need to spend ages doing it.

We did a feature on it here if any useful tips: https://sheerluxe.com/beauty/expert-guide-body-brushing

I also recommend Flavia if your budget stretches:

She is INSANELY good

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Thank you so much!! Super helpful :slight_smile:

I really love the Higher Dose copper body brush, even more efficient at getting rid of toxins and boosting circulation: https://higherdose.com/products/supercharge-copper-body-brush