Dry cleaning sofa

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who specialises in cleaning sofas in London? I have a Loaf sofa that needs a good clean!

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I really recommend Posh Clean. Reasonable price and the service is 360°.

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I had a bit of a sofa disaster a while back with a spill. Finding someone in London who knows their way around a fancy sofa was a headache. I ended up using this local crew after a friend recommended them. They were super careful with my fabric and even used some eco-friendly stuff to clean, which was a nice touch.

Make sure whoever you go with does a little test clean on a spot that’s not too visible. You don’t want any surprises on your Loaf sofa, trust me!

By the way, when I moved last year, I used this end of tenancy cleaning service, and they were lifesavers. Could be handy for you in the future if you’re juggling a move with keeping your sofa spotless.