Dry & Dehydrated Skin In Your 30s | How To Create A Hydrating Base For Make Up

With winter now upon us, my skin is having some trouble holding onto hydration, especially when it comes to creating a long-lasting base for makeup. By the end of the day, my makeup looks patchy because my skin hasn’t held onto any hydration and it just looks flat.
I also find that when I do my skincare routine, creams are being absorbed so quickly that it’s not helping to seal my skin to see the results.
Would love to hear suggestions of what to add to my skincare routine as well as trying to create a base before applying make-up.


I cannot recommend this cream highly enough. It is full of natural plant extracts and heals all kinds of skin conditions - eczema, acne, insect bites.
Not a big brand, not well known and not expensive, but better than anything I have ever tried. At night I add a couple of drops of facial oil.

Do join the Loyalty Club, get the online code and buy two tubs, as it is very cost effective.




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my ride or die under makeup is deffo weleda! go for the light version if you want to ease yourself in (its quite thick) but honestly this saves my skin, adds a glow and makes my makeup look way smoother x

I hear you! It’s so hard to keep hydration high in this weather. ceramides are the answer though as they seal moisture into skin.

There are a few products I love…

https://www.lookfantastic.com/cerave-advanced-repair-ointment-for-very-dry-and-chapped-skin-88ml/14942175.html - this is especially good and not expensive either

On the other end of the spectrum in terms of ££, I do love this:

It’s a lot…But my skin has really thanked me for that!

I like an oil too, and find this one provides a nice amount of hydration that’s not too sticky:

Anything by Elemis is going to help for that matter! x