Eco friendly detergent

Hi all,

I’m struggling to find a good eco friendly detergent that works, that doesn’t cost a fortune.

In the past I’ve used Method and have been using Ecover for a couple of years now, but my husband keeps complaining his clothes smell musty after they’ve been in the cupboard/ draws for a while.

I’m only looking for the detergent, as I use distilled white wine vinegar as softener/ stain remover.

I’ve heard good things about the sheets, but I have two young boys who love sport and we get through a lot of washing.

Many thanks


I’ve been using the laundry egg for years and years now and love it - you can get the laundry egg itself and then you top up the pellets as you go (they do different fragrances for those), they last for so long and are a great eco alternative to the mroe conventional detergent.

The fragrance is subtle, but clothes don’t smell musty after they’ve been in the wardrobe for a while.

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I’m using this at the moment and would recommend it!


I LOVE SMOL! used them for years and years now, and turned so many of my friends on to it. Can’t reccommend them enough.

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Ohh thank you for letting me know. I’ve seen lots of adverts, but was a little cautious of signing up to another subscription, as I’ve just cancelled a similar one as I couldn’t justify the price.
I will investigate, thank you

Ohh the egg, I know lots of people use this if they are going away and staying in an airbnb, I will definitely look into this, as I really do like the concept of it. Thank you

I didn’t know they did laundry detergent, I have tried their nappies years ago. I will look into it, thank you.

I always get ads for this, always wondered if it’s actually any good - consider me tempted!

Look up Nancy Birtwistle, (former bake off winner) you’ll find the most eco and purse friendly ways to clean just about anything. Recipes for cleaning products, detergent etc. sounds faffy but so easy. I even make my own dishwasher powder and rinse aid.

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Thank you, yes I do follow here already!

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