Environ facial - anyone tried? Thoughts?

Hello lovely SL Community,
I’m thinking of having an Environ for rosacea flare up (I think with the cold and central heating etc), general luminosity and firming/lifting.

I’d love to hear if anyone has had one, what it may (or may not) have helped with, and how it was as an experience.


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Hi Samantha!

I’ve never tried Environ, but I do know dermatologists recommend it constantly and the products have rave reviews too. Could be worth seeing if they do a consultation first to make sure it’s right for you?

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Thank you so much, really helpful :slight_smile: I have a facial booked on a January offer, so will see how it is. Happy to leave a review after if useful?

Would like to hear how you get on! Have used for environ for about 8 years religiously now and am obsessed, but have never tried a facial. Their products are amazing.

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