Evening clothes skiing holiday

Hey, so it’s my first time going skiing and I have the ski clothes sorted but what are you meant to wear in the evenings? Do you just wear leggings and jumpers?

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I love ski fashion, I feel you can have so much fun with it!

On the occasions I have been I have essentially worn leggings/jumpers or jeans with thermals underneath (as warmth is priority) but had fun with boots and accessories! My faves are Moon boots and Camilla Elphick do some great alpine boots - in the higher price bracket but so nice!

Have a look on Net a Porter for inspiration, H&M for purse friendly items and a lot of rental platforms offer great ski wear at this time of year! x

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Hi Claire!

Most of the time you will be exhausted and just want to eat, drink, play cards, board games, chat and chill, so warm and comfortable clothing is key: Leggings, jeans, base layers, long sleeve T shirt, casual shirt, sweatshirts, zip-up fleece - that kind of thing.
Snow boots with good treads on the sole are a must for a resort bar crawl.

You might want to party once or twice, so take some nice jeans/ trousers and a couple of pretty tops and a pair of trainers.

Don’t forget to take a swimsuit, in case there is a sauna / hot tub / swimming pool you can use.

Have a great time!

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I tend to layer, so I would go for jeans with leggings underneath, some warm snow boots (Sorel or Bobbies are great) and then a polo neck top for a warm base layer and then a big warm knit, I love a fair isle. Then for outerwear, I think a big faux fur coat is the best.

I wore the Camilla Elphick bambi boots when I wasn’t skiing and they were perfect - I wore them with either jeans (with thermals underneath)/thick leggings and cosy jumpers x

I’ve been loving these trousers and these, I think they they can be a bit smarter than leggings.

Definitely chill vibes! I would take some oversized cashmere jumpers that you can layer with base layers and roll necks. Leather trousers and thermal leggings are so useful. Travel is an oversized faux fur coat that you can throw on in the evening. x

I think you need layers because the minute you to in to a restaurant or bar, it’s normally boiling hot! Chalets and hotels tend be over heated too so I’d take lighter blouses or tops to wear under knits so you can strip off to something nicer than a base layer if you need to. Then a massive coat - I take a faux fur black Zara one - and good boots with a deep tread.