Extra long length swimsuit


I have struggled for years to find a swimming costume that doesn’t ride up as i have a very long back. I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of stylish swimwear (not Long Tall Sally) that would fit. I’m at my wits end! Also i can’t find size 43/44 ladies shoes that are atylish so any he;p on that appreciated too!!
Thank you, Iona

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I have heard great things about J. Crew for swimwear for longer torso body shapes. In the selection here you can see that quite a few styles have this option.

Similarly, Bondi Born is a really nice Australian brand that has a section designed for longer torso women, some lovely options, I love the colours and variety of shapes.

I love the shape of this swimsuit from the new Kelly Rutherford x Vanessa Sposi colleciton - super chic