Eye cream for fine lines, €50 budget

Hi community! Im looking for an eye cream recommendation for fine lines and wrinkles, but I’m on a bit of a budget (€50).

I’ve used a few brands, some expensive, but none has wowed me :frowning: (Caudalie, Filorga, Obagi…)

Anything you’re using that you could share? Thank you!

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I love this one from Elizabeth Arden:


A little goes a long way, so it’s quite cost-effective, and it’s lightweight so it absorbs easily. Also available on Amazon which I find very convenient! :heart:

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I swear by environ. They have an eye gel which is a bit more than you’ve indicated at £65 but honestly the whole brand is superb. I wouldn’t be without it. Chellon is a great online stockist to use to buy.

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I’ve recently been using the Estee Lauder advanced repair eye cream and although a little over budget I think its worth it. They often do really good deals when you buy a number of products or lots of complimentary items once you’ve spent a certain amount.


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I’ve been using this one and I love how lightweight it is!!

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Hi, I think Dr Sebagh is a great eye cream & it’s currently on offer so for around £50 you can get a 50ml size for the same price as a 15ml.

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Thank you all, these are great recommendations, and new brands to discover too!

It’s a slight budget stretch, but I’ve definitely seen a slight difference with this: https://www.clarins.co.uk/double-serum-eye/CS00329995.html

It’s so nice to apply and immediately brightens too!

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For those interested, I just got the Clarins Eye Serum on sale for €44 :tada: part of a Christmas kit on sale. Double Serum Eye Routine | CLARINS®

I would have a look at Korean beauty products. They are on the cheap side but effective!