Face Gym Medi Lift!Light Salon LED Face Mask?

Hi there, any advice on which is best? For firming, sculpting, depuffing emergencies (especially these days when even one glass of wine seems to lead to puffiness) and general luminosity, any aging!! Moon on a stick!

I’m early 40s and need to start investing move in skincare/routines or treatments. Are these worth the money?

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Though not as powerful as professional treatments, there is no doubt at-home LED masks do offer impressive benefits, just at a slower pace. We actually recently asked the experts how they compare to pro treatments here: The Top LED Face Masks & How To Use Them | SheerLuxe

The two I am constantly recommended are the Light Salon’s and also DÉESSE PRO: Déesse Pro Déesse Pro Express | Cult Beauty

Whichever you choose, it’s all about upkeep - you need to stick to usage to see results but definitely worth it!

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Thanks so much @Rebecca_Hull
Do you rate LED over the Face Gym? Xxx

I would say it depends on what you’re after. The Face Gym one is best for tightening skin and lifting, whereas The Light Salon is brilliant for uneven skin tone and gradually reducing the appearance of darker spots/rough skin texture and so forth

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I use the Light Salon LED mask and realllly love it. You have to make sure you use it regularly though - I aim for 3/4 times a week for 10 mins (it’s timed). Helps keep my skin glowy and smooth (I’m 35 y/o). It’s also very relaxing!