Face Gym pro EMS - any advice?

Hi there, I’m wondering about investing in face tools. Has anyone tried the Face Gym Pro EMS tool? Is it worth it? Did you see results?

Any recommendations for any other tools for sculpting, firming, rejuvenating etc would be great. I’m open to using different ones for different effects too.

Happy new year all x

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I don’t personally have that particular one however will say that tools are only worth investing in if you know you can be consistent with using them. For example a simple ice roller or gua sha are super effective too as long as you use them regularly.

If you’re still unsure perhaps book in a face gym appt as they’ll use that device then and you can see the results and decide if its worth investing in or not to use from home x

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Thanks @sapnarao really helpful.
I’ve thought about guasha - are they all as good as each other or do you have tips for better effective ones?

I think on of the Luxe Girls mentioned a tool in your last podcast… I must re listen to remember…

I’m also thinking about treatments for: early wrinkles (eg frown lines), lifting/sculpting and general rejuvenation/anti age. Appreciate these are separate concerns and different treatments are best. If you or the team have advice that would be so helpful as it’s so confusing!
Or please let me know best articles/interviews if this already exists in your SL content.

Sorry for all the questions but so helpful!