Face palette for pale skin

I am looking for a face palette which ideally has a bronzer/highlight at the very least. Preferably powders :slight_smile: I use to have the charlotte tilbury Look of Love instant look in a palette which was ideal!


I love Sculpted by Aimee’s palettes! There are two…One is more cream-based and the other powders. You can’t go wrong with either in my opinion:

You’ll probably like the 2nd more if you like Charlotte Tilbury’s palette

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Bobbi Brown palettes are great for me- my skin is pale (I’m usually the second to palest shade in any foundation range!) You used to be able to pick up single eye shadows to build your own set, sadly you can’t do that anymore, but Jones Road (made by Bobbi Brown herself after she split from the brand) have a few very similar shades…

I’d also recommend Hourglass for palettes, they have eye shadows and highlighters and blushes. Personally, I wear a highlighter as an eye shadow just because the colour works so well, so don’t feel boxed into “this is for eyes only, this is for cheeks only…” plus the highlights are much larger than the eye shadows and it just makes more sense to do that!

In terms of high street brands that do similar, for me I’m not a fan just because I’ve not found a collection I really like, or they’re just not pigmented enough or last long enough on my eyelids (I get crease marks as it slithers off into nothing! That doesn’t happen with luxury brands!) At an absolute push I’d look at Boots No.7 and would possibly say L’Oreal but again, for pale skin I’ve never looked twice and rarely does it feel like I want to buy what they have to offer and when I know a palette will last ages and ages, I don’t mind spending a little bit more to feel that bit more reassured with what I’m using.


I haven’t used hourglass before, are there any palettes you would recommend please?

Not any specific, it largely depends on what skin tone you have anyway, I could suggest something and then it doesn’t suit your colours. I’d go to a Space NK or wherever Hourglass is stocked and see what works but personally I wear the cheek colours for eye shadows as they’re a nice muted rosey gold which suits my eye colour (mid/deep blue) and my hair (bright blonde). If your skin tone is cool or warm or neutral this will change what suits you, if your hair is dark or your eyes are green or blue or hazel for example this will all change what suits you. Don’t go with what others say without knowing what standpoint they’re coming from :wink:

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The hourglass ambient lighting palettes are my favourite ever! Makes your skin look flawless while it still looking like skin!