Family Hen do

Any ideas for a secondary hen do which is just mother, mother in law and sisters in London? Thinking a spa day or something pampering and/or creative. Any help and suggestions of spa’s etc would be much appreciated!


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Hey, As much as spa’s are lovely and relaxing, sometimes it is nice to do something a little ‘different’, especially for your hen

How about:

  • Flower arranging workshop
  • Cooking class
  • Facial at Face gym
  • Have you got your wedding scent? Could always do a perfume/scent experience

Hope these help :white_heart:

Thank you so much, really love these suggestions!! x

Does Mama Mia! The Party appeal? SO much fun and great if you love the band like me!

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Yes Mama mia the party would be so fun!
I also think cocktail making, flower arranging and pottery classes can be so fun. Borough kitchen also do very good group cooking classes which are great for family - you can then eat the dinner you’ve cooked all together and go for some nice drinks near London Bridge - the shard? afterwards


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